Children with epilepsy, additional rights

Patients with epilepsy have the right to be examined by the most modern methods and treatment (with the use of effective antiepileptic drugs).

Patients with epilepsy have the right to receive free antiepileptic drugs included in the list of vital medicines. The list of medicines issued for free, is regularly changed, so the latest information on this matter can be obtained from the attending physician.

Parents have the right to issue a disability to a child suffering from epilepsy in the presence of attacks resistant to therapy.

Security measures at home

All sources of fire must have reliable covers, and heating devices must be removed to a safe place. If the child sometimes have sudden (without aura) seizures, you can put on the corners of the furniture plastic rounded plates. If possible, the doors, especially the bathroom and toilet, should be opened outside so that the fallen child does not block the door. Unwanted latches, and locks from the inside. The child should take a bath at a shallow water level and always in the presence of an adult. The water should not be very hot. The shower should be fixed high and reliable.

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