Special problems in adolescents

When a child reaches adolescence, parents meet with new problems. Adolescents often seek to “get out of parental control” and become independent, although they are not ready to take responsibility for their lives and health. In adolescence, the character often deteriorates, the child becomes bold and uncontrollable, tends to spend more time in the company of friends. Adolescence is associated with such important risk factors that worsen the course of epilepsy as irregular sleep (lack of sleep, early awakening), improper fulfillment of doctor’s appointments, powerful photo stimulation (a teenager often spends a lot of time at the computer, in front of the TV, goes to concerts of modern music and discos), alcohol intake, the first drug test, the first sexual experience (which can be associated with a stressful situation), etc.

Parents should remember that:

  • Lack of sleep can provoke seizures in a patient with epilepsy
  • Physical and mental overload are harmful to the patient with epilepsy
  • Alcohol (and, of course, drugs) is absolutely contraindicated, as they lead to increased frequency and aggravation of attacks, complicate treatment, reduce its effectiveness, cause numerous diseases of the nervous system and internal organs (liver damage occurs faster if the patient simultaneously consumes alcohol and takes some antiepileptic drugs)
  • Patients with photosensitivity should avoid excessive light stimulation( flashing light), follow a number of rules and observe predisposition measures (see below)
  • With similar problems there are parents of healthy children. Be patient, show tact and understanding, on the one hand, and firmness — on the other. If you will be able to “survive” the teenage years your child, for life, save in the face of a friend and helper. If you feel that the child is moving away from you and lose control of the situation — contact a specialist (psychologist).

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