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Serious Problem

Epilepsy - is a disease of the brain. In it there are pockets of pathological activity causing seizures with cramps. Sometimes, their causes are quite clear: trauma, stroke, brain tumor, meningitis, parasitic diseases ... But often the attacks begin, at first sight, in perfectly healthy people, and the reason it is very difficult to find. It is not possible to make 70% of cases.

Epilepsy - is a disease of the brain. In it there are pockets of pathological activity causing seizures with cramps. Sometimes, theirSeizures can occur anytime, anywhere. Most often, the person is unable to control them, and so can fall from a height or a fall and severely hit, get hit by a train, drowned when the attack began in the water. After the first epileptic seizure is necessary to run to the doctor and be tested, identify the causes of the arisen status and start treatment. Unfortunately, many patients conceal the disease, afraid to get up on the account, because it entails an automatic ban on driving, and some of the work.

What to do if you are diagnosed - Epilepsy?

The most important thing for a man - to follow the simple rules:

  • Not to abuse alcohol
  • Do not smoke
  • Time to take prescribed medications
  • Sleep well
  • Not to leave the house hungry
  • Try to avoid stressful situations - the body should be comfortable
  • You need to keep a diary of the number of attacks.

Alleviate your patient's condition may, observing the ketogenic diet. Hard dietary restrictions help reduce the frequency of seizures, or even to achieve their complete disappearance. The essence of the diet is that it stimulates the body to use more fat and less glucose for energy production. Therefore, the diet ketogenic diets make foods, saturated fats, but with reduced carbohydrate content.

What to do to others, if the patient had an attack of epilepsy?

- In any case not worth it, not allowing the patient to close the jaw, teeth inserted between the hard object - a spoon, fork and others. You break the teeth of the man - the power of contraction during seizures great.

- If the human jaw tightly closed, do not try to pry them by force.

- If the mouth is open, can be inserted between the teeth of a piece of cloth, folded in several layers - it will prevent biting tongue, cheeks and teeth damage.

- Most importantly - do not give the person hit. Try to catch it, to support, to lower to the floor or sit on the bench, pull on a dangerous place, taking the armpits and lifted her head. It is important to hold the man's head, so that he did not hit again.

- After the attack calmly and kindly explain what has happened, to save people from unnecessary feelings, get help, if he needs further help - call the doctor or help to get home - after the seizure the patient need a good night's sleep.

I want everyone to remember three important things. First, epileptics - the usual, normal, often talented, even brilliant people, this may be your colleagues, leaders, husbands and wives. The second - no one is immune from this disease. The third - the disease can live a full life and give birth to healthy children.