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Keppra (Levetiracetam) is an anti-epileptic drug, also called an anticonvulsant. Levetiracetam (Keppra) is used to treat partial onset seizures in adults and children who are at least 1 month old.

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Causes and types of epilepsy

Epilepsy - one of the last dwellings, intelligent wolves. Many things it was considered to be insignificant, but the modern medicine successfully controls it with its basic manifestations. Ho for the effective control of these diseases should be noted on the face of it:
Where does epilepsy come from?

Birds of the Fall

The main factors that cause epilepsy, depend on the form, as there is epilepsy, and divide into three groups:

1. Idiopathic. The most common form of infection, which is epilepsy in children, is the apparent susceptibility. Idiopathic epilepsy is transmitted in a genetic way, as often as several incisions. The brain in this case is not damaged, but it does not manage to cope with the excessive cellularity of the cell;

2. Symptomatic. Perinatal disorders, symptoms of the head and pathology of the brain, the injection of toxins or illicit drugs - the main causes, but there is epilepsy of this type. The disposition is characterized by ancillary practices, which can be caused by even untypical stimuli;

3. Ciphered. Diagnosis is in these cases, when determining the cause of the propensities is impossible. The clinical manifestations of ailment may be different, depending on the location of the pathology of the pathology.

Even the healthy people (on a statistic, every 12th person on the planet), from time to time, experience an uneven epilepsy symptom.

Symptoms and patterns of infection

The epileptic features are pallid. Most importantly, they depend on it, in which way the brain is broken and the patient develops and pacples. It is dangerous to admit that in such a case, the manifestations of evil are linked to the functions of the "well-posed" parts.

To the number of self-explanatory symptoms, there are motor motions, the fall or release of the muscle tone, the failure of pechi, the dysfunction of the chemical processes.

Transpersonal patterns can occur both in one and in different combinations. The choice of symptoms and their manifestation also depends on the appearance of the epilepsy.

In adults

In the case of the Jécocephal epileptic dysplasia, the pathological process develops in the determined zone of the brain and does not occur on the day.

In this case, the manifestations of the disease relate to the specific muscle groups. Psyhomotopnye pacctpojctva, as rule, are unacceptable.

But even if the person is in a state of consciousness, it is beyond the control of the contact with the seething world and cronyism. After a few minutes, the state is normalized.

The abnormality or health suppression begins in the chapel, in order, brush hands. Sometimes they are pacpped on all the floor of the line or they turn into a big ship's proppodok. If this is the case, the patient will have a c.p. with a highly heterogeneous distribution.

What a big shipyard is like, it comes from a few phases, alternately replacing one another. There are the following in their names:

The bearers. - Represents for a few chances before the incident. They are characterized by the disruption of the initial excitation, by the appearance of a sense of urgency. In the general brain, there is a risk of paralysis.

Tonic carriers. - The continuity of the phase is from 30 to 60 seconds. Occurs in a strained impairment of all muscles, the head zaprokidyvaete, chelovek padaet and udapyaetcya her o pol. The body is arched, and the person is cynical because of the standing of breathing.

Clinical care. - The muscles of the body are rapid and rhythmical. The cleavage is exacerbated by the passage of the pen. The phase lasts for 5 minutes. As soon as this cushion ccodit c person, and the smoke is gradually restored.

Strop. - Strong support is initiated in the course of the patologic activity. The muscles of the person are pumped, the peaks are absent, the body is affected by the unconscious. It is an unreasonably unprofitable launch, deflation. The continuity of the phase is up to the pitch.

In the course of a 2-to-3-hour walk, after a large man's health, the person may torment the child, the bulb, and the motor problems.

What happens to the little ones is that they do not paint so brightly.

These are the processes that are involved in the indulgent suppression of the facial muscles, in the partial pausing of the muscle tonus (the patient suffers) or impaling muscles (the person stops in one pose).

Otherwise, it does not happen. Also it is possible abcan (literal - "absence"). The bulb remembers for a few seconds, as soon as the eye is shut. Whenever a person ceases to exist, the person does not remember about the child.

Epileptic status - this is the series of subjects that are next to each other. The breaks between the phases are characterized by the lack of consciousness and peaks, a decreased tonus of muscles. The pulse is observed or traced with labor.

The present state is characterized by the appearance of a hypoglyphic brain, which causes hypoxia, and therefore requires an inborn medicated incontinence.

The absence of a timely engagement is fraught with irresistible proportions, in this, even, the physical need.

All the stages begin well, and so they begin to stop.

In children

Symptoms of epilepsy in children are similar to manifestations of the disease in adults. Generalized convulsive and generalized non-convulsive (absences) attacks occur in the same way as in adulthood.

Have children often meet atonic bouts. They are characterized by sudden relaxation of all muscles and loss of consciousness. On the other hand it looks as if the child just fainted.

Quite often there are also children's spasms-involuntary summing up of hands of a breast, a slope of a trunk or a head forward, straightening of legs. Typically, these attacks happen in the morning upon awakening and lasts a few seconds. If they capture individual neck muscles, spasm manifests itself in the nodule of the head. Most often these seizures occur in children 2-P years. After they are completely or turn into another form of epilepsy.

Other, less obvious sign of the disease, include:

Physiological causes of occurrence

The causes of epilepsy in children and adults can be divided into several groups:

Symptomatic - depend on a physical condition of an organism, testify to a structural defect of a brain. These include hemorrhages, tumors, malformations, cysts.

Idiopathic - they say about genetic predisposition to disease.

Cryptogenic - ru allow to establish the nature of the disease.


Sometimes the causes of the disease should be sought in the psychological health of a person, in his behavior. Often epilepsy occurs in the background:

Delusions of persecution. The man is afraid of his own reflection, he see enemies everywhere. Often persecution flows in a fear society. Ha long signals o the prosecution goes in the brain. Nerve impulses change, a along with them changing presentation of information to the body from the brain. Bce this causes changes in the cerebral cortex.

Violence over. Is manifested in the deliberate infliction of pain to himself. Man is convinced that any of his misdeeds-a reason for punishment. The patient can cut his face, legs and hands. At the same time, he feels pain, like healthy people.

Giving up life. This behavior is typical for the shut-ins-people who consciously refuse contacts with the outside world. Life turns into existence, which is confined to the satisfaction of such physiological needs such as sleeping, urinating, eating. Over time, the functions responsible for social adaptation, speech, behavioral factor, atrophy.

Epilepsy is a disease thoroughly studied. Modern medicines, such as Keppra, allow to completely cure the disease in 85% of cases.

Despite the fact that epilepsy can be successfully treated, the causes of EE origin have not been fully studied. This forces people whose relatives suffer from the disease to wonder again and again where the epilepsy originates.

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