The Diet for Epilepsy

Proper Nutrition Epileptic

It is known that large amounts of fluid intake facilitates the onset of seizures. There are even special tricks to provoke attacks using "water shock". On this basis, some authors recommend the restriction of the sharp fluid intake or increased removal of it from the body. From ancient times to treat epilepsy recommended food with a limited content of salt (salt-free diet), periodically arranged positions (starvation). Treatment of fasting, salt-free, and, later, protein-free diet has not produced conclusive results.

Patients with epilepsy may have, with some restriction, all the things that eat their family members. It is imperative categorical prohibition of alcoholic beverages, including beer, dry wine and a small fortress. Numerous observations show that alcohol is a major factor in provoking attacks, even if they are absent for several years, and sharply aggravates the course of epilepsy.

Not allowed sharp and salty dishes, herring, sardines, salted and pickled vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, squash), spices (vinegar, pepper, horseradish, mustard). Not recommended for products containing excess nitrogen (beans, peas, beans), smoked and indigestible food.

You can not abuse the liquid. One patient attacked attacks after drinking 3-4 bottles of lemonade. But we should not fall into the other extreme, constantly drastically limiting the amount of fluid. Sometimes the patient may be allowed to eat a piece of herring, but it should not be included in the daily diet.

It is necessary to avoid overeating, as it may contribute to the onset of seizures. We observed a patient orlistat dosage who has a series of attacks occurred after a heavy meal.

The menu should be varied and include a sufficient amount of fiber, vegetables and fruit. These products contribute to better intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. To combat the latest useful fasting boiled beet and its juice, prunes. Patients with epilepsy usually require milk-vegetable diet.

However, we can not exclude from the diet of meat and other foods that contain proteins, especially as the number of antiepileptic drugs (hexamidine et al.), Even in therapeutic doses, can have side effects on the liver, with the defeat of showing protein diet. The content of meat and fish in the diet should be moderate, to use them should be mainly in the form of cooked dishes.

Thus, patients with epilepsy should be advised that power to the somewhat limited amount of liquid and salt. Food should be rich in vitamins.