Treatment of epilepsy can be achieved in 65-75%

Drugs for epilepsy

- There are drugs that can achieve treatment in 65-75% of patients today. Treatment duration - 3-5 years. If the seizure does not occur, the diagnosis is removed during this time. However, consider the verdict disease should not be - in most cases it is possible to win.

You do not need to panic, and accurate diagnosis. According to the World Health Organization, 20 to 40% of the young population suffers epileptic fits of nature, which can be confused with epilepsy.

- Even if the diagnosis is confirmed, should not give up. If therapy is chosen correctly, the attacks do not occur. So the chances of getting a job and start a family your son will be the same as any other young person. But some things he still would have to give. The forbidden list of computer games and night clubs - because of this inherent entertainment flashing light that can provoke an attack. In no case can not drink alcohol.

It reduces the concentration of drug in the blood and this may lead to an aggravation. Finally, it should strictly adhere to vacation mode and avoid sleep deprivation. If a patient sleeps little, protective mechanisms to ensure that braking processes in the brain are being violated, and it is a direct path to the attacks.

And young and old

- Most often the disease makes its debut in the two groups: in children and adolescents up to 15 years old and people over 65 years. However, attacks can occur at any age completely.

Origin of the disease

- Provoke the disease can start a variety of events. This birth trauma, infection, toxic effects on the body, lack of vitamins, electrolyte failure, amino acid, lipid metabolism, cerebrovascular accidents and other causes. Febrile seizures occur in children with high temperatures, such as during acute respiratory viral infections, are not considered to be epilepsy, but they are the foundation on which it can develop further. Men suffer slightly more often than women, because they are more likely to abuse alcohol and are at risk of injury, but it is also important triggers.

A major precipitating factor for the occurrence of seizures is considered to be a violation of sleep - after falling asleep, forced wakefulness at night (due to night shift or "parties"), or too early, violent awakening. This leads to depletion of the nervous system and increased seizure. Unsettle the patient with epilepsy may also travel with the change of time zones more than two hours. Such people are contraindicated.

- Nevertheless, even with the most adverse circumstances and events with epilepsy do not face it. For example, after a stroke it is not developed at 100%, but only in 7.8% of patients. The reason is that the disease has a genetic predisposition. The genes in which mutations lead to the ailment, today known. Unfortunately, genetic tests are expensive, so find out for sure whether or not you are at risk, it is very difficult. The main thing is to make each one of us to prevent, - is to try to lead a healthy lifestyle.