Antibiotics for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is called a neuropsychiatric disease that affects the nervous system and is accompanied by a sudden appearance of seizures. The disease can be congenital (idiopathic), hereditary or acquired. Manifests itself due to trauma, infections and inflammatory processes in the shell of the brain (meningitis). The need for antibiotics for epilepsy will be discussed later. When Prescribe Antibiotics for Epilepsy and how to drink them? Sometimes there are such conditions, get rid of which without the use of antibiotics will not work. For example, if bronchitis is not cured in time, it can end with pneumonia, and the attached bacterial infection will lead to serious consequences. Epilepsy does not cancel antibiotic therapy, but there are some drugs that are unacceptable. If the doctor, knowing about the diagnosis, prescribed an antibacterial…
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