The Causes of Epilepsy in a Child

Epilepsy and Children
Risk Factors for the Disease Epilepsy in children is a chronic neurological disease, which is characterized by the predisposition of the baby to the appearance of convulsive attacks. Accurately identify the causes of epilepsy in a child can not in all cases, because the nature of the disease is not yet fully understood. Pathology is diagnosed most often in children aged 5 to 18 years. Predisposition to the Development of the Disease A number of factors that affect the appearance of epilepsy: Brain lesions (including infectious Genesis-meningitis, encephalitis); Head injuries; Generic head injuries Perinatal encephalopathy; The appearance of seizures, which are not associated with epilepsy; Febrile convulsions; Spasmophilia; Convulsions due to administration of drugs; Seizures caused by metabolic disorders; Epiactivity on EEG. Bce the above factors are signs of a…
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