How to choose the right diet for epilepsy

How to choose the right diet is the most worrying question for a person who wants to lose weight. Despite the fruitful work of nutritionists and the huge choice of techniques for losing weight, the problem of excess weight has not disappeared. Most cases of ineffectiveness of the diet used are due to the wrong choice of its components. In the process of selecting a diet that is acceptable for yourself, there are many factors to consider for the result to be truly qualitative.

What do you need to pay attention to in order to choose the right diet?

  • First of all, assess the state of your health. If you have endocrine disorders or hormonal disorders, a diet with dietary restriction not only will not help to lose weight, but will also damage your health. Getting rid of extra pounds and selecting a diet should take place through the treatment of the underlying disease.
  • When selecting a diet, pay attention to its balance. In the menu for the day must be present all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins for the body. Protein, fats and carbohydrates are the main components for the normal functioning of the body. Their absence can lead to serious metabolic disorders.
  • Analyze your lifestyle. Perhaps by choosing a diet and restricting food, you will not solve the problem of excess weight, because you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Or on the contrary, by being too active, by excluding certain energetically valuable products from your diet, you will deprive your body of a source of energy, and this will affect your general state of health and emotional background.
  • Pay attention to the strength of the stimulus that prompted you to go on a diet. If you decided to lose a few extra pounds under the influence of a fleeting desire, it is likely that your attempts will be in vain. Deviations from the recommended diet can lead to even more rapid set of extra pounds.
  • The main types of diets and possible difficulties in choosing
  • Despite the variety of diets, they can be grouped into several main groups, depending on the nature and quality of the food consumed.

There are diets based on the principles of proper nutrition. This is an ideal diet option. Its only disadvantage is that you will not see the result in a week. Only if you follow such a diet for a long time, the extra pounds will disappear. Proper diet involves excluding from the diet too fatty foods, fast food, products that contain preservatives and chemicals. The diet includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vegetable fiber. This type of diet is suitable for absolutely everyone and has no contraindications, it is worth considering when choosing a diet.

The principle of low-carbohydrate diets is to limit the intake of carbohydrates, which in excessive amounts are transformed into a fat depot of the body. Feeling a shortage of carbohydrates, the body begins to spend its own fat reserves. You should not choose such a diet if you are mentally active or physically active. In people who suffer from sleep disorders, such a diet will cause an aggravation of the condition. It is also worth reconsidering when choosing such a diet if you are prone to depressive states and frequent mood swings.

Diets based on the elimination of fatty foods are not suitable for people who need to get results quickly. In addition, the body is unable to produce fats itself, important for metabolic processes, so stick for a long time such a diet is not worth it.

Mono-diet, which consists in the use of a single product, for example, only buckwheat or kefir are contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. They are unsafe because they can cause damage to the body in the form of avitaminosis, gastritis, metabolic disorders and other diseases. They are good for losing a few pounds quickly, you should keep this in mind when choosing a diet.

Low-calorie diets are based on reducing carbohydrates. Such ways of losing weight are detrimental to the body, reduce performance, cause diseases of the digestive system and cause stress to the body. Such diets are contraindicated for people who have any chronic diseases.

How do I know that the chosen diet is right for me?

If during weight loss you do not feel weakness, dizziness, mood loss; you are not haunted by hunger and there is no decrease in mental activity, thinking and memory, then the chosen diet is suitable for you and the result will not make you wait long.

Despite the individual approach in the selection of the diet, there are some components of food that can not be ignored. These are vitamins E, A, C and K, as well as micronutrients potassium, selenium, iron, calcium, omega fatty acids. Since in most cases, during weight loss, the consumption of foods containing them is reduced, you should take additional vitamin and mineral complexes.

Do not forget about physical activity. This can be a home program for weight loss or fat-burning workout in the gym. Combining them with a proper diet and a properly chosen diet can quickly achieve the desired result and give the body relief.

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