Atonic seizures

Encyclopedia of Epilepsy for Patients

Atonic seizures Atonic seizures are a rarer type of epileptic seizures (less than 1% of all seizures with epilepsy). They occur in some severe forms of epilepsy, with onset in early childhood, such as Lennox-gasto syndrome. Atonic attacks are manifested by a sudden loss of muscle tone, the patient ” goes limp “and falls (slowly”settles”). …

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Epilepsy in Children and Adolescents


Epilepsy in children and adolescents EPILEPSY is a chronic disease of the brain, manifested by repeated convulsive or convulsive attacks (paroxysms) and specific changes in personality. The prevalence of epilepsy in childhood and adolescence is 5-8 cases per 1000 children, which significantly exceeds the prevalence of epilepsy in adults. These figures include only patients with …

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