Child with Epilepsy

Like other children, children with epilepsy need communication and a society of peers. As for other parents, the opportunity to send a child to a kindergarten for parents of a child with epilepsy is an opportunity to work or free time for themselves. Work, of course, - the best financial assistance (which is especially important for single-parent families); and the possibility of professional implementation significantly improves the quality of life of parents and reduces parental stress associated with the disease of the child. If there is no need for the mother to go to work, the emergence of free time, which can be devoted to favorite activities or care for other family members, also leads to an improvement in the mood of the mother, the microclimate in the family and…
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Video-EEG monitoring

Encyclopedia of Epilepsy for Patients
Video-EEG monitoring The main method of diagnosis of epilepsy is electroencephalography (EEG). However, with a single record of EEG in a clinic or in a medical center, usually carried out in the period between attacks, pathological changes are not always detected. This is due to the fact that the probability of an attack at the time of recording the EEG is not high enough. At the same time, some patients (though not all) changes in EEG are detected only during attacks. Therefore, the most valuable diagnostic method is the long-term recording of EEG. EEG monitoring (long — term EEG recording for several hours, usually during the day) and video EEG monitoring-EEG monitoring in combination with constant video recording, allowing you to get a record of EEG during the attack at…
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