Child with Epilepsy

Like other children, children with epilepsy need communication and a society of peers. As for other parents, the opportunity to send a child to a kindergarten for parents of a child with epilepsy is an opportunity to work or free time for themselves.

Work, of course, – the best financial assistance (which is especially important for single-parent families); and the possibility of professional implementation significantly improves the quality of life of parents and reduces parental stress associated with the disease of the child. If there is no need for the mother to go to work, the emergence of free time, which can be devoted to favorite activities or care for other family members, also leads to an improvement in the mood of the mother, the microclimate in the family and helps to strengthen the family. Thus, kindergarten can be a good way out of this situation, both for the child and for parents.

A child can attend a regular kindergarten, when epileptic seizures become quite rare or completely pass.

Despite the possible refusal to take a child with epilepsy in an ordinary kindergarten, it is better and more useful to be among healthy children if it develops normally. The society of healthy children will contribute to the further development of the child, while the atmosphere of the children’s team for children with underdevelopment can bring harm to the child with normal development.

There are special kindergartens for children who have mental retardation or behavioural disorders to such an extent that it is not possible to attend a regular kindergarten.

Both in ordinary and specialized kindergartens, the help of experienced teachers, well-planned developmental activities, communication with children and adults will contribute to the faster development of the child. Often, at home it is very difficult for parents to provide the full range of services necessary for the child, which offers a good kindergarten.

However, not all children are comfortable enough in the children’s team (and in this children with epilepsy are no different from healthy children). If the kindergarten does not bring joy to the child or he often gets sick, an alternative option is to help the nanny or other family members.

This is especially important in severe forms of epilepsy. The help of a nurse, relatives or close friends allows parents to restore physical and mental strength, so taking care of a serious patient is a very strong stress.

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