The Miracle of Magnetism

Legend has it that in 1780, while dissecting a frog, Italian Luigi Galvani simultaneously touched its muscles with a steel scalpel and a copper hook-holder. To Galvani's amazement, the dead animal's paw twitched. The reason was the electric current generated in the galvanic pair created by the instruments: it caused the muscles to contract. Galvani called this phenomenon animal electricity. The era of bioelectromagnetism began. The idea of electricity as the driving force of all life quickly captured the minds of Galvani's contemporaries. Time this is favored by the trendy words “electricity” and “magnetism” has opened all doors and wallets. Including patients ' wallets. The most striking manifestation of the General enthusiasm was the experiments with human corpses, which were conducted by the Scot Andrew Yure. He claimed that electrical…
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