Children with epilepsy, vaccinations

Most vaccinations are no more dangerous for children with epilepsy than for healthy children! However, some vaccinations for children with epilepsy are contraindicated: vaccinations against whooping cough, diphtheria, typhoid, paratyphoid and cholera. Is DTP desirable to do TD.

Often there are clinical situations when parents associate the debut of epilepsy with vaccination. It should be borne in mind that the beginning of most forms of epilepsy falls on early childhood, at a time when most vaccinations are done, and therefore some children have a simple coincidence in the time of the beginning of epileptic seizures with vaccination.

Other children have a febrile reaction (fever) to some vaccinations in combination with the development of febrile seizures without long-term consequences.

Allergic reaction to the components of the vaccine in rare cases leads to the development of acute encephalopathy, which can cause acute symptomatic attacks and the formation of epilepsy in the future, Such a reaction was observed after vaccination against rabies, smallpox and whooping cough. However, this phenomenon is very rare, and occurs even less frequently when using less antigenic vaccines of higher purity.

Although in the past it was not recommended to vaccinate a child in the presence of relatives with epilepsy, these recommendations have now been abolished. A child’s history of epileptic seizures or family history of epilepsy is no longer considered as a contraindication to immunization, due to the fact that the risk of developing a disease against which vaccination is done is higher than the risk associated with vaccination.

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