Children with epilepsy, the main tasks of parents

The child is often unable to properly follow the doctor’s recommendations and regularly take medication. At the same time, the peculiarity of the treatment of epilepsy is the need for regular daily medication (usually at the same time) for many years. Accidental skipping of the pill may lead to the resumption or frequency of attacks, and accidental intake of too large a dose – to the appearance of side effects of drugs. To implement the recommendations of the doctor is necessary very accurately. Therefore, the monitoring of treatment should be provided by the parents. It is necessary to strictly monitor the correct intake of prescribed drugs, even if it is necessary to resort to pedagogical pressure on the child. Sometimes it helps a special box, where decomposed drugs for a day or a week.

It is necessary to carefully register the condition of the child, i.e. to keep a “diary of attacks“, in which they note the time and duration of attacks, their nature, the situation with which they can be associated (elevated body temperature, insufficient sleep, stress, skipping medication), changes in treatment, side effects of drugs.

Parents ensure regular visits to the doctor and all his appointments.

In addition, parents should organize the correct mode of the child’s day, to ensure that the child slept enough time, not overtired, walking in the fresh air, exercise, regularly and properly fed, taking medication at the same time. The right regimen is important for every patient (and healthy) person, and in a patient with epilepsy, it plays a particularly important role for effective treatment.

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