Celebrities suffering from epilepsy: who are they? Famous artists, musicians, scientists, artists, which disease not prevented achieve prominence.

Celebrities suffering from epilepsy prove that this disease – not a sentence. The star, as well as ordinary people, can suffer from seizures, but it does not prevent her to be a star. Many of the famous and even great people suffered from epilepsy.


The disease is known since ancient times, however, when it was called “epilepsy” and was often confused with madness. Myths and legends of Ancient Greece tell about the exploits of Hercules, and in the drama Euripides “Madness of Hercules” quite accurately describes the signs of epileptic seizures of the Hero. The great Julius Caesar was an epileptic – his seizures are described by Plutarch.

Among the statesmen and great generals were also people who had to suffer from epilepsy. Alexander the great, Hannibal, Napoleon, Ivan the terrible, Peter the Great, Joan of Arc, Theodore Roosevelt 2 experienced pain and fear associated with attacks, the disease prevented them from living and working – but did not prevent to become famous in their chosen field.

Many celebrities who have suffered from epilepsy, are now known to almost everyone:

Philosophers: Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras;
Scientists: Isaac Newton, Alfred Nobel, Thomas Edison;
Writers: Lewis Carroll, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky;
Musicians: Niccolo Paganini, modest Mussorgsky, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Luwig van Beethoven;
The artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, van Gogh;

Van Gogh, according to contemporaries, suffered from madness, it is believed that he cut off his ear in a fit of insanity. However, most of his doctors confidently diagnosed him with “epilepsy of the temporal lobes”. And his ear could be damaged during the attack, making uncontrolled movements. This artist lived a short life, and very much suffered from his disease, but the paintings he painted, glorified him for ever3.

Perhaps the list of celebrities would have been more if “paducha” had not been taken for various forms of madness and other forms of personality disorder, and previously described its features.

It is not surprising that in these lists there are almost no female names. Women at that time was more difficult to achieve fame, their lot was family trouble. Of course, they can also suffer from epilepsy, although less often than men.


Which famous people have epilepsy in our day? The answer to this question is not so easy, because there is a medical mystery, and not everyone, especially if he is a “star”, wants the world to know about his health problems. However, there is a fairly significant list of those who are not afraid to admit their illness. To have epilepsy does not mean to be defective. On the contrary, because of illness, many people were able to penetrate deeper into the depths of human consciousness, win the victory of the spirit over the weakness of the body, and ultimately glorify.4

Sir Elton John, a musician whose talent has been recognized around the world, Danny Glover, an American actor who became famous after filming “Deadly weapon“, Neil young, canadian singer and guitarist, the star of “MatrixHugo Wewing, who began to suffer from epilepsy at 13 years – they all fell ill at different times, at different ages, experienced pain, but continued to create, do their job, and deservedly became known throughout the world.

Every person with epilepsy should understand that his life depends on how he will treat himself, his treatment, and the prospects for recovery. Strictly observing all the doctor’s prescriptions, making appointments, taking medications and observing the correct mode of the day, with this disease you can live for many years, and not just live, but live a full, happy life, achieve success in your chosen field, bring joy to yourself and others.

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