Antibiotics for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is called a neuropsychiatric disease that affects the nervous system and is accompanied by a sudden appearance of seizures. The disease can be congenital (idiopathic), hereditary or acquired. Manifests itself due to trauma, infections and inflammatory processes in the shell of the brain (meningitis). The need for antibiotics for epilepsy will be discussed later. When Prescribe Antibiotics for Epilepsy and how to drink them? Sometimes there are such conditions, get rid of which without the use of antibiotics will not work. For example, if bronchitis is not cured in time, it can end with pneumonia, and the attached bacterial infection will lead to serious consequences. Epilepsy does not cancel antibiotic therapy, but there are some drugs that are unacceptable. If the doctor, knowing about the diagnosis, prescribed an antibacterial…
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About Epilepsy
Celebrities suffering from epilepsy: who are they? Famous artists, musicians, scientists, artists, which disease not prevented achieve prominence. Celebrities suffering from epilepsy prove that this disease – not a sentence. The star, as well as ordinary people, can suffer from seizures, but it does not prevent her to be a star. Many of the famous and even great people suffered from epilepsy. CELEBRITIES WITH EPILEPSY FROM ANTIQUITY TO THE PRESENT DAY The disease is known since ancient times, however, when it was called "epilepsy" and was often confused with madness. Myths and legends of Ancient Greece tell about the exploits of Hercules, and in the drama Euripides "Madness of Hercules" quite accurately describes the signs of epileptic seizures of the Hero. The great Julius Caesar was an epileptic – his…
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Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy

According to many doctors specializing in the treatment of epilepsy, a great effect is achieved by using a ketogenic diet. Epilepsy is a disease that is accompanied by characteristic attacks: seizures, mood changes, mental disorders, hallucinations, aggression, panic attacks, delusions, etc. Significantly improve the condition of patients, as well as to stop epileptic seizures, complex therapy will help, which includes: physiotherapy, medicines, ketogenic diet. The essence of ketogenic diet Currently, in the treatment of epilepsy specialists use ketogenic diet, which is contraindicated in infants under 1 year. Due to very severe nutritional restrictions, this diet should be prescribed by the attending physician, after a comprehensive examination of the patient. Long-term restriction in nutrients supplied to the body from various products can significantly reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. In some…
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